Engineering and other allied sectors-Nuclear Engineers

What Is It

Applications of nuclear sciences are way beyond the commonly perceived uses of nuclear energy. The field of nuclear sciences and nuclear energy is self defining and in short can be put forward as the research and management of nuclear energy, resources and developmental uses of nuclear resources and technologies. Nuclear science is a field, with applications ranging from power generation to medical diagnosis and treatment. While most people would think of nuclear weapons and reactors on the very mention of the subject, nuclear engineers deal with issues and applications that go far beyond these. Nuclear engineers are doing research, addressing security and proliferation issues, supervising plant operations and designing waste storage facilities. The science is being used in medicine, agriculture, biotechnology and many such research streams for the benefit of mankind.


Strong background in science, with majors in Chemistry, Biology or Physics. Nuclear engineers, MSc in Nuclear Sciences, Engineers with specialization in areas such as nuclear physics and radiation science as well as general areas of engineering, B.E., Graduate programs leading to the degree of Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering and Ph.D


Scope of Nuclear science is far reaching there is requirement of nuclear scientists in space research, agriculture, Fertilizer manufacturing, pest control, Food irradiation, water resources development and hydrology, Medicines diagnostics and therapy and environmental and industrial sciences and archeology. Almost all such organizations in public as well as private sectors are hiring nuclear scientists.