Environmental Sciences-Atmospheric Scientists

What Is It

Atmospheric science is the study of the atmosphere?the blanket of air covering the Earth. Often called meteorologists, Atmospheric Scientists study the atmosphere?s physical characteristics, motions, and processes, and its effect on our environment. Though the most common application is weather forecasting, atmospheric scientists attempt to interpret climate trends and past weather conditions to analyze today?s weather. Their data comes from weather satellites, radars, sensors, and stations in many parts of the world. They also study in air-pollution control, agriculture, forestry, air and sea transportation, defense, and the study of possible trends in the Earth?s climate, such as global warming, droughts, and ozone depletion.


A bachelors degree in meteorology, or in sciences, geography or other courses similar to meteorology, is the minimum educational requirement. A master?s degree is considered necessary for most positions. For those who wish to take up pure research must do a PhD.


Employment of atmospheric scientists is projected to increase as the requirement to understand weather for different purposes ranging from navigation to agriculture to transport. The researchers are being hired by universities and airlines alike. Atmospheric scientists often work in close collaboration with the environmentalists, theirs profiles overlapping at times so they have a great scope in organizations taking up serious environment research