What Is It

Floriculture, or flower farming, is a discipline of horticulture that deals with the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for gardens and for marketing of cut flowers and flower arrangements, production of nursery plants and potted plants, seed and bulb production, micro propagation and extraction of essential oils. They technically monitor the nurturing process, standardising, production technologies for commercial cultivation of flower crops. Plant propogation work entails developing new kinds of plant growth, devising nutrient formulas, selection of growth media etc. The job requires diagonosis of problems related to plant growth.There is challenge in finding new ways to manage pests and deal with the safe and appropriate use of insecticides.


After BSc Agriculture one has to pursue Masters in horticulture or floriculture


The professionals are employed largely in the floriculture large units and greenhouses where they breed as well as further the plant breeding research to develop new varieties. They are also hired by industries involved in floral product development like essential oils and flower or plant extracts. R&D pertaining to the qualities of different plants, perfumes and cosmetic industry also requires the services of floriculture scientists. They work with universities in teaching and research sections.