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Civil Services-Sukumar Sen
An Indian Civil servant the first Chief Election Commissioner of India from 21 March 1950 to 19 December 1958 and also the first Chief Election Commissioner of Nepal and Sudan.

Sukumar Sen (born 1899) eldest son of a district magistrate; He was educated at Presidency College and at the University of London. He got a gold Medal in Mathematics at university of London. In 1921, Sen joined the Indian Civil Service, and served in various districts as an ICS officer and as a judge. In 1947, he was appointed Chief Secretary of West Bengal, the senior-most rank that an ICS officer could attain in any state in British India.

Sen as Chief Secretary of West Bengal had to deal with the aftermath of an immense influx of refugees from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and the outgoing of refugees from West Bengal. There were also problems of riots and atrocities against Muslims for the administration to suppresss.

As Chief Election Commissioner

Historian Ramachandra Guha writes of Sukumar Sen in 2002:

on India's first general election in 1952 has historian's take on the first CEC, ' a man who is an unsung hero of Indian democracy. It is a pity we know so little about Sukumar Sen.

It was perhaps the mathematician Sen, which made him ask the prime minister to wait. No officer of State, certainly no Indian official, has ever had such a stupendous task placed in front of him. Moreover, with the general election would take place elections to the State Assemblies. Working with Sukumar Sen in this regard were the election commissioners of the different provinces, also I.C.S. men.'

Tinker and Walker write that Sukumar Sen was aided by two Regional Election Commissioners plus one Chief Election Officer for each state.

Sen was the first Vice-Chancellor of Burdwan University, which started on 15 June 1960. Uday Chand Mahtab and the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, facilitated the establishment of this university.