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Intelligence Services-Shri U.S. Misra
Director of CBI and Head of Interpol India Shri U.S. Misra, was today elected as the Vice President of Interpol. He defeated Mr. Andrew Hughs, Commissioner of Police, Fizi by 53 votes in the election held on the concluding day of the General Assembly of Interpol at Berlin, Germany. While Sh. Misra received 93 votes Mr. Andrew Hughs got 40 votes. The election to the 184-member body is being described as a major achievement for India. As Vice-President, representing Asia region, Shri Misra will have just one-year term. Earlier, Shri P.C. Sharma, former Director, CBI was elected Vice-President (Asia region) in the election held during 2003 for a period of three years but Shri Sharma resigned from this post recently necessitating the election for the remaining term. Prior to Shri Sharma, Shri F.V. Arul was elected as a delegate of the Interpol nearly 30 years ago.

Shri Misra is one of the senior-most police officers in the country having 37 years of experience in various areas of policing, ranging from criminal investigation, law enforcement, training, policy formulation and management. As Director of the premier investigating agency of India, Shri Misra has tried to give a new direction to the Central Bureau of Investigation through steps like preventive vigilance, special drives and employee welfare measures. For distinguished service, Shri Misra has been awarded the President's Police Medal and the Indian Police Medal.

In his election speech at the Interpol General Assembly, Shri Misra promised to strive for making Interpol pro-active and responsive in collection, analysis, collation and dissemination of criminal intelligence; decentralization of the functions and activities of Interpol by opening up more Regional and Sub-Regional Bureaux and making Interpol Notices effective by persuading Member-States to accord legal sanctity to them.

The executive committee of the Interpol, consisting of the President, Vice-President and the delegates, is the select deliberative organ which meets thrice a year before the General Assembly. Its role is to supervise the execution of the decision of the General Assembly, prepare the agenda for the sessions of the General Assembly besides submitting to the General Assembly any programme of work or project which it considers useful.

Shri Misra is leading an eight-member Indian delegation to the Interpol General assembly which concludes today.