The Cabinet Minister of Netherlands announced on the Dutch broadcast from London that after the war a collection would be made of diaries and letters dealing with the war. Everybody talked about Anne’s diary, and Anne imagined the thrill the publication of her diary would bring to her. The economy and law and order situation were in shambles in Holland. Doctors were unable to visit their patients as their cars and bikes were stolen the moment they turned their backs. Burglaries and thefts were rampant. The people in the Annex got the news of the imminent doom of a million Jews living in Hungary as it had been occupied by German troops. The Russians were doing well on the fronts, and good news was expected from Stalin any moment. In the Annex, as well as in all of Holland, people were forced to eat only one particular dish or vegetable. Anne’s School work and Hobbies In April 1944, Anne felt that doing her schoolwork was useless as the war was not likely to end shortly. Anne was happy in the company of Peter and Van Daans; however, as soon as she was alone, she tended to cry, sometimes sobbing loudly alone in a closed room. Finally she realized that she must do her schoolwork to keep from being ignorant, to get on in life, to become a journalist, because she knew that she could write. In addition to writing, Anne’s another hobby was making genealogical charts. She looked in every newspaper, book and document she could lay her hand on for the family trees of the royal families of Europe. Her third hobby was history and the fourth one was Greek and Roman mythology. Her other hobbies included collecting photographs of movie stars and family photographs. An Incident Leading to Suspense and Fear Another attempt to burglary took place on April 11, 1944. In order to scare the burglars away, the male residents banged things on the floor and slammed the doors. When the burglars heard sounds of banging and smashing from inside they suspected the presence of another gang of burglars in the Annex. They probably informed the police of what they suspected. Later on the police came and searched the building up to the landing of the stairs and banged on the bookcase behind which was the secret door leading to the Annex. Discerning no trace of anything there, they finally returned. A guard had been posted at the main entrance. The people in the Annex lived in suspense and fear as they anticipated more police searches.

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