The Story of My Life, first published in 1903, is Helen Keller's autobiography detailing her early life, especially her experiences with Anne Sullivan. It was written while Helen Keller was a student at Radcliffe College. The Story of My Life gives an account of Helen Keller’s struggle to come out of the seemingly insurmountable isolation and seclusion that deafness and blindness may bring into someone’s life. A The Miracle Worker The Story of My Life was used as the basis for 1957 television drama The Miracle Worker. In 1959 it was developed into a Broadway play and in the 1962 an award-winning film. Personal Profile Given below is a brief personal profile of Helen Keller Author, political activist and lecturer Education: Radcliffe College 1900–1904 Movies: The Miracle Worker, based on The Story of My Life Awards: Presidential Medal of Freedom Books: The Story of My Life; Light in my Darkness; Teacher Contribution She was dedicated to the welfare of the blind. She received the Theodore Roosevelt Distinguished Service Medal in 1936, the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1964, and was elected to the Women's Hall of Fame in 1965. Why she holds so much attention She was one of the most admired personalities of the world. During her lifetime, Helen Keller was consistently ranked near the top of almost every Most Admired list. Enriching Information Some other enriching information pertaining to Helen Keller’s life Laura Bridgman (1829–1889) Helen’ s teacher, Ann Sullivan learned the manual alphabet from Bridgman which she took back to Helen, along with a doll that Bridgman had made for her. There are a number of books and movies that depict the dedication and skillful work of teachers. • To Sir, with Love (1967) by British writer E.R. Braithwaite • Tuesdays with Morris (1997) by American writer Mitch Albom

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