English Core

There are different ways to invite people on certain occasions. Invitations are given personally or using email, phone, SMS, invitation letters, etc. An invitation is a message – oral, electronic or written, sent to invite people to a special occasion. There are two types of invitations: Formal, written to acquaintances or even strangers and informal written to friends and relatives. An informal invitation contains information such as the occasion, day and date, time, venue, programme, inviter’s name, contact details, etc. Characteristics of informal invitation An informal invitation is written in first person, format of an informal letter is followed (salutation, subscription, complimentary leave taking, etc.). It is sent to relatives, friends and acquaintances. It keeps a personal touch. Reply to a formal invitation Two kinds of replies are possible for an invitation: acceptance or refusal. In both the cases, the replies are to be given in formal language. An informal reply acknowledges invitation, thanks inviter(s), maintains an informal tone and warm language, states acceptance or refusal, in case of refusal, states the reason, and adheres to word limit.

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