English Core

Griffin writes a letter of threat to Dr. Kemp promising to avenge his disloyalty and his calling the police the previous day. He declares a reign of terror and death to Kemp. Kemp immediately gets busy assuring his and his servants’ safety. He writes to Colonel Adye for help and decides to pose as a bait to entrap Griffin.

Griffin, in the meantime, invades the house. Adye borrows Kemp’s revolver and goes to fetch the bloodhounds but he is intercepted by Griffin outside. When his commandments are defied, Griffin snatches the revolver and kills him.

The two policemen who come with a maid have an encounter with Griffin. During this scuffle, Kemp slips away but Griffin gives him a chase. Griffin gets surrounded by people, attacked and killed in the market place.

Mr. Thomas Marvel, the tramp, who had slipped away with Griffin’s three invaluable diaries and his money, and had taken protection in the police station, now resurfaces. He has become a rich man, the owner of an inn called The Invisible Man near Port Stowe, all thanks to the ill-gotten money of Griffin, the invisible man.

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