Classroom Tablet Programme

Automation of day-to-day classroom activities

Extramarks Classroom Tablet Program (CTP) is a revolutionary tool to make learning collaborative, effective and engaging inside the classroom.

Extramarks Classroom Tablet Program (CTP) transforms traditional classrooms into collaborative learning environment, where teachers and learners collaborate and engage with each other in real time, to achieve the most effective learning outcome. It creates perfect balance of collaborative yet personalized learning in classrooms.

CTP takes the concept of personalized learning beyond just a thought. Various benefits offered by CTP are:

  • Automation of day-to-day classroom activities such as attendance, daily diary, formation of groups etc.
  • Instant creation and sharing of notes and assignments between the teacher and learners.
  • Effortless transfer and submission of homework, during and after the class.
  • Management of live assessments and group activities with instant result-analysis.
  • Real time focus on individual learners' activities by the teacher.