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English Vistas Chapter Journey to the End of the Earth Summary
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Chapter 3
Journey to the End of the Earth
“Journey to the end of the Earth” by Tishani Doshi is as much educative as a warning signal to the people across all continents and countries. Antarctica’s expansive white landscape and uninterrupted blue horizon give scientists a perfect platform to understand the planet’s past, present and future. So, a programme “Students on ice” was launched by Geoff Green, which offers the future generation of policy makers, the young students a life-changing experience in Antarctica. The 52 students saw many life forms there: midgets and mites to Blue whales and ice bergs as big as countries. They found that the isolated world in Antarctica has also been affected by global warming and other environmental problems and expressed concern. Will Antarctica become a warm place? Will the human civilisation end? In the ubiquitous silence of Antarctica, they studied the changes in the environment and formed an idealism to save the world from the impact of environmental degradation.
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