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Frequently Asked Questions
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Extramarks Info
1. What is Extramarks?
Extramarks is a 360º new age digital education solution provider, which offers web based learning support to students of class VI to XII. Innovative and interesting in nature, the study support is based on NCERT curriculum that helps students to plan their studies and prepare successfully for the examinations. The curriculum content’s simple, hierarchical format help in generating a conceptual clarity to the students. While the easy to learn modules enhance the basic understanding ensuring simple, easy and life long learning.

2. What all does Extramarks offer?
Extramarks is an online after school educational support system for Indian students. It is based on NCERT curriculum for classes VI to XII. It helps students to plan their studies and prepare for the examinations to get extra marks.

InSchool Study Support Program
Extramarks delivers “InSchool Study Support Program” in which a normal classroom is transformed into a “Technology Enabled Smart Learn Classroom ” which is equipped with the following Extramarks Teaching Aids And Services:
Mindmap: Scientific & effective learning tool useful for an introduction as well as the final revision of the chapters.

Smart Learning Modules: A visual, graphical & concise presentation of each chapter that makes the classroom interesting & increases the attention span of the students.

Test Centre: Extramarks provides an exhaustive bank of model test papers, CCE MCQ Tests, CCE Short/Long Answer Tests and board papers that hones the academic skill of students and prepare them for the exams.

AfterSchool Study Support Program
Students can access Extramarks’ InSchool Study Support Program facility even after school hours using Smart Study Card. The AfterSchool Study Support Program also comprises of:
Virtual Classes: 50-minute virtual class sessions using white board technology help students get quality study support in real time after the school hours. An alternate medium for personal tuitions, it help students study directly from teachers anywhere, anytime.

Ask a Teacher: Extramarks subject experts answer curriculum related queries of students in real time through email. It helps maintain continuity in the learning process by providing instant solutions after school hours, while the online teacher functions as a student's in-house subject expert.

Creativity Zone: A pertinent pedestal which allow students to unleash their imagination & let the artist in them blossom. It provides an absolute freedom to create, upload and showcase talent online.

Apart from the above-mentioned products and services, there are lot more to explore in Extramarks viz. Networks, Creativity Zone and many more.

All registered users can avail these services though there are points attached to each activity that keeps you the active user of Extramarks.

View Point System

( Registration at Extramarks is free)

3. What subjects does Extramarks cover?
For now, Extramarks covers all subjects except the language papers for classes VI to XII based on NCERT curriculum. We soon plan to add languages as well.

4. How to use Extramarks in a secure manner?
Always remember to LOG OFF COMPLETELY from Extramarks if you are accessing our website from a public    computer.

Safeguard your password and don’t let others know about it except your parents who can have access to your    account if something goes wrong.

For privacy and security, often change your password.
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