Using Library Classes

Input/Output operations and Exceptional Handling

An input stream is used to read data or information from the file. A program uses output stream to write data to destination, one item at a time. The class System provides access to three types of input-output streams:, system.out and system.err. IO streams are further categorised in two ....Read More

Simple Input/Output

Input is the data entered by the user. Output is any information that a program conveys to the user. Java provides a class System that has three important fields in, out and err which help the user to give the input, take the output and display an error respectively. InputStream and PrintStream are ....Read More

Wrapper Classes

Wrapper class is a part of java.lang, which wraps the primitive data values into objects. Wrapper classes are needed for an object representation for primitive type variables to use Java built-in methods. Java has wrapper class for each of the eight primitive data types. Data type starts with lowerc ....Read More

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