Agro Based Industries

The industries where raw materials from agricultural sector are processed are called agro based industries. Agro Based Industries are important for the economic growth of India. These industries are widely distributed in India. The major agro based industries in India are: Cotton textile industry ....Read More

Classification and Factors Affecting Industries

India has all types of industries like iron and steel industry, textile industry, tourism industry, petrochemical industry, transport industry, electronic industry, etc. However, these industries are distributed unevenly. Factors affecting the location of industries are geographical factor and com ....Read More

Electronics and Petro Chemicals Industry

Electronic industry was developed in India in 1950s. Business of creating, designing, producing, and selling devices and active electrical components such as television, music system, mobile phones, telephones, computer, DVD players, transmitters, etc., form the electronics industry of India. Some ....Read More

Mineral Based Industry: Heavy Engineering

Heavy engineering industries are pre-requisite for modern industrial development. They provide machineries for different industries like: Iron and steel Cement Paper, and Textile These industries also provide equipment for different sectors like mining, agriculture, transport, construction, et ....Read More

Mineral based industry: Iron and Steel

Iron and steel industry is the basic or key industry in India. It reflects level of industrialisation and economic development of a country. First iron and steel plant on modern lines in India was Indian Iron, Steel and Chrome Co. set up at Porto Novo in 1830. It was started by Joshua Marshall Heath ....Read More

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