Topographical Maps

Gradient and Slopes

Gradient refers to the slope of the land. It is defined as the ratio of the change in height with distance. It describes the steepness and inclination of the land. There are different types of slopes. Flat low-lying land is elevated between 20 metres and 40 metres above sea level. It is adequate f ....Read More

Relief Through Contours

A topographic map is a type of map characterised by large-scale detail and quantitative representation of relief, by using contour lines. Mountain is a landform that rises abruptly above the surrounding terrain in a limited area. The contour lines are compacted. Values of the contour lines are ris ....Read More

Understanding Topographical Maps

Topographical map offers in depth information of any particular area. It shows natural features like relief, elevation, drainage, vegetation, etc., and also man-made features like roads, railways, rural and urban settlements, etc. Topographical map also contains a large number of names, specific na ....Read More

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