Major Agencies of The United Nations

United Nations has two main facets – peace-keeping and peace-building. It builds peace through specialised-agencies. United Nations Development Programme is an executive board within General Assembly. It is UN's global development network and largest provider of grants for technical assistance. It is responsible for social and economic progress of people of developing nations. UNDP has assisted countries in preparing for major United Nations conferences. Along with World Bank and UN environment programme, it is a major partner of Global Environmental Facility. United Nations Children's Fund provides services in primary healthcare, nutrition, basic education and sanitation and emphasises on community-based programmes involving people’s participation. It is the only UN agency dedicated exclusively to children. Due to UNICEF’s activities, over 80% of world’s children are covered by immunisation services. It celebrated 1979 as International Year of the Child to focus attention on children’s rights and welfare. Constitution of World Health Organisation was formally adopted on 7th April 1948. Hence, this date is celebrated as World Health Day. It defines ‘Health’ as “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It organizes health services in developing countries, including immunization, disease control, health education, etc. United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation is a UN agency dedicated to development of education, science and culture of people all over the world. Its mission is to construct defence by instilling peace into people’s minds, into their private and public ambition, and their daily life. Education is UNESCO’s largest active sector, as it promotes education for all. International Labour Organisation was created in 1919 to unite governments, employers and trade unions social justice and better living conditions. It promotes social justice and better living and working conditions for working classes.

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