Physics, Technology and Society

Physics has played a key role in the development of many sciences. The study of structure of atoms, radioactivity, X- ray diffraction, etc. in Physics have enabled chemist to rearrange different elements on the basis of atomic number in a periodic table.
An optical microscope is an important instrument developed in Physics, is extensively used in the study of biological samples. The astronomical telescopes developed in Physics are used by astronomers for observing planets and other heavenly bodies in the sky.  Physics has developed many mathematical concepts. Mathematical concepts are usually based on the theories given in Physics.
The inventions in the field of technology by using the laws of physics have improved our life. There is a close relationship between physics, technology and society. Principles of physics play important role in the fields like medical devices, mechanical devices, electrical devices, entertainment etc. Most of the developments and inventions in the field of Physics have a direct impact on society. The present status of Physics is due to the contributions of a number of brilliant Physicists of the past ant the present.

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