Liberty is, as important to human beings as soul is to the body. Without liberty there can be no real life; it can only be mere existence. Liberty stands for elimination of irrational restraints and prevalence of rational, legal restraints in society. Liberty creates conditions in which people can enjoy their rights and develop their best selves. Negative Liberty is due to absence of external constraints. It Specifies minimum area of non-interference for every individual and protects human dignity. Positive Liberty is due to the expansion of opportunities to express oneself. It is concerned with improving the conditions for the development of individual personality. Liberty is natural right as per social contract philosophers. Any restraint by law or state on individual liberty is unjust. There are six types of liberty and each is interconnected- natural, political, economic, Civil, national and individual. A balance between each type of liberty needs to be worked out for peaceful and widespread enjoyment of liberty. Measures that strengthen liberty are separation of power , decentralization, fundamental rights, rule of law and equality before law, independent judiciary, democracy and economic equality, passion for liberty and presence of enlightened citizens and well organised net work of NGOs. The negative view states that Law limits liberty. Individualists, Syndic lists and the Anarchists hold the view that law limits liberty. Those with positive notion of liberty say state expands the domain of liberty by providing equal opportunities to all. Law is not the enemy of liberty. In fact law protects and preserves liberty.

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