Human Health and Disease

Alcohol Abuse

In today’s culture, the effects of drinking differ from person to person and it is difficult to identify the demarcation social drinking and alcoholism. In many parts of the world, drinking alcoholic beverages is a common feature of social gatherings. The alcohol found in alcoholic bevera ....Read More

Drugs and Drug Addiction

Any substance that is used as medicine to prevent or cure a disease is called drug. Drugs can be classified into three categories, therapeutic drugs, supplementing drugs and psychoactive or addictive drugs. Physical and mental dependence on smoking, alcohol and drugs is called addiction and a per ....Read More

Stem Cells and their Importance

Cell is the basic unit of life. Cells combine together to form a tissue. The endodermis of monocot stem has a single layer of closely packed living cells covered by cuticle. In some stems, trichomes appear from the epidermis. Each vascular bundle is surrounded by sclerenchymatous bundle sheath and ....Read More

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