More about Logic Gates

The three basic types of logic gates are AND, OR and NOT. Some more logic gates include NOR gate, NAND gate, XOR gate and XNOR gate. In NOR gate, if all the inputs are 0, then the output signal is 1. If either of the two inputs is 1, the output will be 0. In NAND gate, if all of the inputs are 1, then the output produced is 0. The XOR gate produces output 1 for only those input combinations that have odd number of 1’s. The XNOR gate produces 1 output when the input combination has even number of 1’s. Any circuit built up of AND, OR, or NOT gate can be replaced by another circuit build up of only NAND gates or only NOR gates. This is why NAND and NOR gates are called universal gates. NAND and NOR gates are less expensive and easier to design.

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