Agriculture : Commercial Crops

Agriculture is essential for our survival. India produces a large variety of crops that include food crops and commercial crops. Certain crops are grown especially to sell in the market and are known as commercial crops. Tea is a plantation crop and the most important beverage. India is the world ....Read More

Agriculture : Food Grains

There are three main crop seasons in our country. These are kharif, rabi and zaid. Kharif season starts with the onset of monsoon. It continues till the beginning of winter. Major crops of this season are rice, maize, jowar, bajra, cotton, moong dal, urad dal, etc. Rabi season starts with the ....Read More

Features of Agriculture

Agriculture is concerned with the cultivation of land and production and processing of crops. Availability of moisture is the most important factor affecting agriculture in India. Irrigation facilities do not cover all parts of India. When farming practices totally rely on rainfall for water, it is ....Read More

Green Revolution

There has been an acute shortage of food many times in history because of various reasons. Millions of people have died of starvation. There was not enough food to feed the huge population in this world. Then, there was one person who brought a different kind of revolution in this hungry world. He w ....Read More

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