Force is an external agency which changes or tends to change the state of rest or uniform motion of a body or changes its direction or shape. It is associated with either push or pull which causes some kind of motion. There are many effects of force. A force can cause a motion in stationary object. It can slow down a moving object or even stop the object. It can make a moving object move faster. It can change the direction of moving objects or change the shape of objects. We encounter a large number of forces in nature - muscular force, mechanical force, gravitational force, electrical force, magnetic force and frictional force. These forces can either be classified as contact or non-contact forces. A force which acts directly on a body through a connector is called contact force whereas a force which doesn’t make direct contact with a body but acts through space is called non-contact force. Frictional force is the force which acts at the surfaces of contact, when one body moves or tends to move upon another body. Friction opposes motion and generates heat. It also causes wear and tear of the surfaces. However, it is advantageous in many cases, like writing, walking etc.

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