Mean, Median and Mode

Average is the number that represents or shows the central tendency of a group of observations or data. Different forms of data need different forms of representative or central value to describe it. Arithmetic mean is one of the representative values of data. It is defined as the sum of all the observations divided by the total number of observations. It is also called average or mean. The mean lies in between the greatest and the smallest observations. Mode is another form of central tendency or representative value. The mode of a set of observations is the observation that occurs most often. A set of data can have more than one mode. Such type of data is said to be multimodal data. Median is also a form of representative value. It refers to the value which lies in the middle of the data with half of the observations above it and the other half below it. The collection of raw facts and figures is called data. The number of times an observation occurs is called its frequency. The difference between the highest and the lowest observation is called the range of the observations. Range = Highest observation – lowest observation

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