Effects of Heat

Temperature is a physical quantity that measures the hotness or coldness of a body. Heat is the energy that flows from a body at a higher temperature to a body at a lower temperature. Thermometers are used to measure the temperature. The process of measuring temperature is called thermometry.
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Heat and Temperature

Heat is a form of energy that flows from a body at higher temperature to the body at lower temperature. It refers to the combined energy of all the molecules moving inside a body. It is also known as thermal energy. It is expressed in joules. Sun is the major source of heat energy. The earth, chemic ....Read More

Transfer of Heat

Heat flows from the hotter body to the colder body, when the two are placed in contact with each other. Transfer of heat energy can take place in three possible ways, i.e., conduction, convection and radiation. Heat transfer in solids takes place by the process of conduction. It is defined as the mo ....Read More

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