Fishery, Piggery, Goat And Sheep Rearing

To meet the growing demand of food, more and more animals such as cow, sheep, hen, pig, goat, and fish are reared through animal husbandry. Due to increasing human population, demand of food is also increasing and to meet that demand more and more animals are reared for non-vegetarian food.

Animal husbandry is a common method for breeding and raising livestock. Livestock are the animals that are raised in a farm. Fishery is an extended branch of animal husbandry. Production of fish on a large scale is termed as Fish Farming.

In fish farming, fish are produced on large scale as they are good source of protein, vitamin A, vitamin D and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Fish farming includes two major steps: first is breeding and egg collection and the second is hatching and rearing of fish.

Fish should be kept in large and well maintained ponds to remain fresh and disease free. Rearing of pigs for meat and other purposes is termed as piggery. Pork is a cheaper type of meat; and it has high protein content. Goat and sheep are reared for wool, meet, milk, etc.

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