Agricultural Practices: Pre-Harvesting

Agriculture is the science of growing food crops and other useful plant products

A series of activities performed by the farmers, in a particular sequence over a period of time, for getting good yield is called as agricultural practices which include: Soil preparation, Sowing of seed, Manuring, Irrigation, Weeding, Crop Protection, Crop Improvement, Harvesting and Storage.

Soil is prepared by ploughing, leveling and applying fertilisers.

Seeds are sown by broadcasting, seed drilling or by transplantation.

The use of manure and fertilisers in the field is called manuring.

Traditional methods of irrigation are canals, reservoirs, wells and tubewells.

Drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation are modern methods of irrigation.

Process of removing unwanted plants growing along with the desired crop from the field is called as weeding.

Crops are protected from pests by spraying pesticides.

Crop yield can be highly increased by breeding different varieties of crop having different desirable characters.

Fully grown and mature crops are subjected to cutting and gathering by the process called as harvesting, which is done either manually or mechanically by machine.

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