Publishing and Exporting

Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images to create an illusion of a movement. Although there are several ways of creating animations in Flash, all the animations are based on the concept of changing content over time. Flash compresses the data in the FLA file and generates a much smaller, more compact and non-editable SWF file. Select the Formats tab and verify that only the Flash and HTML options are selected. This action causes Flash to publish only the SWF file and an HTML file. The HTML file is used to display the SWF file in a web browser. Options on the Flash tab adjust the settings in the SWF file. The JPEG quality settings affect the image quality and size of bitmap images in our document. The HTML tab displays the settings for the HTML file that is published, when the export HTML option is selected.

SWF is the file format that is exported from Flash and ultimately embedded on a web page. The SWF file is a locked file and cannot be used to edit a Flash project.

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