Abatement of Pollution

We confront air pollution the moment we set our foot outside the home. Water pollution has converted our once clean rivers into sewages. Irresponsible dumping of garbage here and there has led to an alarming level of soil pollution. Quest for nuclear weapons in this insecure world has given dangerou ....Read More

Effects of Pollution

Air pollution is the release of toxic materials into the air from various sources of pollution. A variety of pollutants are released in the air.

Air pollution can affect the environment, human health, plants, animals and materials.

Effects on human health by air pollution depend on dur
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Sources of Pollution

The world has changed a lot during the past hundred years. From the source of light in our homes to, the way we communicate. While some changes have improved the quality of life, others have affected adversely. Industrialisation and introduction of new technologies haven’t come without any cost. A ....Read More

Types of Pollution

Pollution means the introduction of contaminants into the environment that disturbs plants, animals and human lives.

Pollutant is a foreign substance that pollutes air, water or soil, and causes pollution, which affects the functioning of the ecosystem.

There are various types of pollu
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