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To bring forth and nurture the individuality of every child, Extramarks has especially developed a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Report Card.

CCE includes Formative (FA) and Summative (SA) Assessments. As per the CBSE guidelines, every SA consists of one test per term and FA includes a minimum of six tests every term, hence increasing the number of tests three folds for both teachers and students, as well as making the the task of collecting and collating data tedious for teachers. This complex task is made easy by Extramarks CCE Report Card, which has become an imperative tool for the teachers. This intelligent software, after entering the marks, collates the data automatically and generates the report card without involving any manual work, in just 3 minutes!

  • Features
  • Provides ease and freedom of use to teachers to evaluate each child continuously and comprehensively.
  • Official: In conformity with CBSE guidelines.
  • Time Saver: Each report card takes atleast 20 minutes if prepared manually, but Extramarks Report Card can reduce the time taken for this evaluation to three minutes.
  • Comprehensive: Provides flexibility for selection, alteration & customization of tools & sub tools.
  • Reduces errors: Descriptive indicators of Extramarks CCE Report Card help to overcome spelling / grammatical mistakes.
  • Has premium value additions like:
    • Student wise performance graph
    • Export & import options
    • Attendance percentage calculator
  • Intelligent Time Saver: There is no need to collate data in the end. Just by the entry of marks, the data is automatically collated and generated in the format of record.
  • Use by Single or Multiple Users: Allows use by multi-users like Principal, Teachers and Students.