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Extramarks Smart Learn Classes are taking the schools to 21st century learning-teaching environment. In today's world, when children are technology savvy from a young age, the classrooms are remaining in the same traditional state. The pedagogy used by Extramarks by implementing a layered content structure in the technology-enabled classrooms using latest technology allows complete freedom to the teachers to use the technology as per their own choice. Professionals having years of experience in teaching have developed these teaching modules which present every subject in a manner which makes the teaching-learning process very interesting in the classrooms. As the modules are mapped to the curriculum followed by the school, they not only provide ease of use but also standardise the education process. By amalgamating state-of-the-art infrastructure and professionally developed content, Extramarks Smart Learn Classes transform the conventional classrooms to an advanced student-centric learning environment.

These Technology Enabled Class Rooms use State of the Art Hardware Infrastructure which include Regular / Short-throw Projector, Interactive Board and White Board, Server, Computer, UPS, Podium and other installation and net-work hardware.

Fully Integrated System: Extramarks provides state-of-the-art finger touch interactive system that combines all the latest in technology into one amazing teaching solution.
Projectors: Depending on the size of the class, Extramarks provides Regular, DLP Short-throw and Long-throw projectors.
Sound System: Your class will have a surround-sound experience through 4:1 Multimedia Speakers.
Others and Networking: We take complete care of the installation, networking and wiring in the classroom.
All-in-one Technology Classroom Solution: Extramarks provides a complete package including Server, Monitor, Keyboard, CPU, UPS, Podium Cabinets, Projector hanging kit, cables, splitters.

Extramarks Professionals having years of experience in teaching, have developed our unique study modules- The Smart Learn Modules. The mapping of the teaching modules with the adopted curriculum by the school save teachers from segregating useful information from a useless heap of information, which is normally provided by other digital companies. The Smart Learn Modules used by Extramarks classes have four different levels:

  • Basic concepts.
  • Understanding concepts.
  • Application of concepts.
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

These four levels help the teacher in imparting and assessing the education intake of students. Extramarks modules are available for the following curriculums:

  • CBSE
  • ICSE
  • State Boards
Teaching Methodology and Pedagogy

The Pedagogy followed by Extramarks aims towards over all development of the child and provides an engaging, child centric, teaching-learning environment, reflecting the changing society, growing awareness and the way in which we live our lives. It also focuses on learning through discovery, development of logical skills through stimulating questions and development of kinesthetic development through activities.

Pedagogy followed for Junior Level (K-V) Content:

The Pedagogy followed for the Junior Section (K-V) is based on National Curriculum Framework (JCF) and Primary Years Programme (PYP), which is designed to facilitate learning with fun and contains stories with intelligence in between, based on the concept being taught.

The specially designed stories encourage creative thinking and promote concept application in real life. They also incorporate higher level of hypothetical reasoning, discussion of complex issues and mental infringes, which are very useful in the application of concepts that children are learning. Some of the special features of the modules for K-5 are –

  • Fun with concepts.
  • Concept adventures.
  • Drag and drop.
  • Work Sheets.
  • Bubbles.
  • Mind Game.
  • Junior Map.
  • Fun with phonetics.
  • Draw the line etc.
Pedagogy followed for Sr. Level (K-12) Content:

Extramarks has developed layered content for logical, hierarchical and for the ease of understanding of the concepts for higher class.  This allows a teacher the freedom to use the Smart Learning Modules developed by the Extramarks as the way he wants it. The teacher has the option to teach the class room the Basic Knowledge level or to have the Group Discussion or to analyze their Conceptual Understanding of any subjects. The entire curriculum is mapped to CBSE, ICSE and respective State Boards which makes it very convenient for the teachers to use it. The entire development of modules is specially designed to meet the needs of students with varying abilities and multi intelligences. It helps the student to move from the basic conceptual understanding and the fundamentals to high order of thinking skills.

The Smart Learn Modules of Extramarks are also summarized through “Mind Maps” which are widely recognized as the best learning tool is across globe. All the chapters related to subjects are presented in a flow chart format, which highlights the important concepts logically and hierarchically. Since it provides a quick one glance interpretation of the entire chapter, the “Mind Map” could be used both as introductory and revision tool. This helps in better assimilations of the chapter by making child forego rote method and instead imbibe intelligent system of understanding.

A very interesting feature of Smart Learning Class is the use of “Virtual Labs”. These Virtual Labs are available for all subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology and are very useful while imparting education relating to these subjects in the class room. The other important features of the Smart Learning Class are:-

  • CCE MCQ  Tests
  • CCE Short/Long Answer Tests
  • Formative Discussions and HOTS
  • Group Quizzes
  • Assessment Center

These MCQ tests which are based on CCE, formative discussions, Group discussions and assessment centre play a very important role to ensure that the students have grasped all the important concepts / knowledge about a particular chapter / subject.

Teaching Methodology & Pedagogy
Junior Section (K-5):
  • Based on National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and Primary Years Program (PYP)
  • Engages the students with-
    • Animations and Activities that form play as the basis for learning
    • Introduction revision through stories, dialogues and narratives
  • Focuses on open-ended tasks that encourage creative thinking and promote concept application in real life.
  • Incorporates higher level of hypothetical reasoning, discussion of complex issues & enabling mental inferences – useful in mental Math and application of concepts.

Senior Section (6-12):

  • Interactive learning through innovative tools and techniques and Virtual Labs
  • Layered content for logical, hierarchical and easy understanding of concepts
  • Directs a student towards HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills - CBSE’s necessary learning requisite
  • Special emphasis on CCE based assignments & exam pattern
  • Aimed at increased retention and performance enhancement and life long learning