The Merchant of Venice

2D and 3D Animation of The Merchant of Venice

  • Premeditated to meet the specific objectives of learning literature at Secondary School level designed by the ICSE Board.
  • Facilitates students to widen their aesthetic judgement and inquisitiveness in appreciation of literature.
  • High quality elements in a supple format that will powerfully engage today’s technology savvy students with the distinct features of literature such as plot, story, theme, etc.
  • Realistic 3D graphics for the climax of the play accentuating the Medieval Period with regard to characters, setting and costume.
  • Impressive 2D graphics on each act.
  • An inimitable product for providing multi sensory learning.
  • Smart Learning  Module based on each scene with detailed notes encompasses all the necessary concepts for a better perception of Shakespearean play:
    • Explanation of difficult words and phrases
    • Annotations
    • Scene wise summary
    • Description of historical and classical allusions with picturesque illustrations
    • Critical comments zooming in on the plot, setting, characterizations and dramatic significances
rc1 rc2 rc3 rc4 rc5
rc1 rc2 rc3 rc4 rc5
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