Extramarks Smart Class

'Extramarks Smart Class' transforms traditional classrooms into futuristic ones.

Extramarks' 21st century classrooms make learning collaborative, engaging and a personalized experience in the classroom.

Extramarks Smart Class

Extramarks Smart Class integrates modern technological advances with research backed pedagogy to provide best in class services. Extramarks Smart Classes enable classroom teaching in a very interactive manner such that toughest of concepts are imparted through revolutionary Extramarks content in the most holistic manner. SLCs have the best quality hardware to enable interactive classroom lecture delivery.

21st Century Classrooms

With 21st Century Classrooms, students while in class, have the freedom to learn at their own pace of understanding, thereby reducing the in-class learning gap and highly enhancing their learning experience. For teachers, it helps reduce valuable time wasted on activities such as attendance, manually organizing assignments and activities etc. and giving them more time to interact with students clarifying their doubts.

Extramarks Test Centre

Extramarks Test Centre is an exciting tool that reinforces Extramarks' philosophy of making teaching-learning easy and effortless. It is a platform that facilitates and automates the assessment activities for a school, its teachers and the learners. It can be accessed through browser or tablets.

School Management System

A User-friendly platform that automates and brings effective standardization and efficiency in school operations. Significantly reduces paper trials, saves time and improves communication amongst different stake holders.