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Extramarks Smart Study Pack fosters deeper comprehension for each student.

Extramarks Smart Study Pack

Extramarks Smart Study Pack is 'anytime-anywhere' learning platform that maintains the continuity of learning from classroom to home and acts as a flipped classroom, empowering learners to study at their own pace and space.

Extramarks Smart Study Pack adopts a three-pronged approach to meet the learning requirements- Learn, Practice and Test, thus completing the full circle of 360o learning.

Extramarks Smart Study Tab

With Extramarks Smart Study Tab, the students can easily schedule their study time tables, understand concepts through smart study modules and take MCQs with instant results and prepare for tests and exams. It's a revolutionary tool that propels students towards excellence. Since all the relevant content resides in the tablet it does not require internet connection that results in anytime anywhere access to learning modules.

Extramarks Smart Study App

Extramarks Smart Study App (SSA) adopts a three pronged approach to meet the learning requirements of students i.e. Learn, Practice and Test. SSA caters same Smart Learn Modules like Lesson (SLMs), Practice papers, Concept Adventure, Animations etc. which the schools use to impart education in Extramarks Smart Class rooms and in Smart Study Pack. Pay per use validity based packs are available to users, which enable them to buy the entire app content for a period of 3 days, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year. Packs can be bought through the Mobile App.