15 Facts to Make you Marvel at the Human Heart


The heart is one of the most fascinating organs in the human body. Apart from being extensively studied in biology, the heart is also metaphorized in poems and included in philosophies which debate mind, matter and more.

A blood pumping organ, the size of one’s fist, this is the core of the circulatory system and it continuously plays its role in keeping you alive. We, alas, do not care for the heart health in a manner we should, whether through exercises or diet.

This World Heart Day, we present, some wonderful facts about the heart. The greater your awe for this organ, the better should be your drive to love, protect and care for it.

  1. The heart beats at an average of 115000 times each day, pumping 2000 gallons (over 7500 liters) of blood in that period.
  2. The heart can continue beating for a while even when it is disconnected from the body.
  3. Contrary to the popularly wielded myth of the heart being located in the left side of the chest, the heart, actually, lies bang in the middle.
  4. Again, contrary to the very popular myth, sneezing does NOT stop your heart. This myth is the reason behind uttering ‘bless you’ when someone goes ‘aachhooo’.
  5. According to data studied around heart attacks, most of them happen on Monday mornings.
  6. Globally, Christmas is the day on which most heart attacks occur.
  7. Evidence of heart diseases has been found in mummies which are more than 3500 years old.
  8. The aorta is the largest artery in your body, attached to the heart. It is as large as a garden hose.
  9. Cardiology is the study of human heart and its various disorders.
  10. The heart of a woman beats slightly faster than that of a man.
  11. The beating sound you hear in the heart is actually the sound of the valve leaflets opening and closing.
  12. Heart benefits immensely from not eating foods which contain saturated fats.
  13. Watching the amount of sugar your take into your body is also important for heart health.
  14. 60 minutes of exercise (of course in consultation with your doctor) are good to keep your heart awesome. These exercises could include running, jumping, walking, swimming etc. And stay active, don’t sit around too much!
  15. Laughter is good for your heart. Scientifically. It brings down stress levels and perks up your immune system.

Long story short, your heart is literally the heart of your being. It affects every other organ and hence, must be cared for. Through dietary habits, and lifestyle changes you can work most on your heart health. For a healthy heart, emotional and psychological health are as important as your physical well-being. Why not make a little vow this World Heart Day to look after your heart and let its many miracles continue to sustain you?