21 Days. 21 Opportunities.


The world today has changed drastically. It was beyond a person’s waking imagination that an entire country of 1.3 billion people could be quarantined together – made to stay within the confines of their home for Individual and collective safety. Yet, that is what happened last evening when hon’ble Prime Minister exhorted all his fellow countrymen to gear up for the fight against Corona Virus Disease, or what has been christened COVID-19 by WHO. As the foremost measure to be taken up in this battle, all Indians, in all parts of the country, are supposed to observe a voluntary lockdown and maintain all manners of personal health and hygiene, till the Corona infection is not completely weeded out.

This countrywide quarantine period is to be observed for 21 days. While that sounds challenging and shocking to some, there is no denying the importance of such a measure. We, in fact, believe, this time can be utilized wonderfully to focus on self-learning and self-improvement. So, on day 1 of 21, we thought we will share with you 21 things you can (and should not) do within the comfort and safety of your home, to make the next 3 weeks a fruitful ride!

  1. Wash your hands. This needs to be done compulsorily. As many times as possible.
  2. Strengthen your concepts. No matter what age you are. If you are a student, you can work to pace ahead and invest in self-study. If you are an adult, why not go back to your favourite school time concepts? Oh, and take help from Extramarks – The Learning App, while you’re at it.
  3. Learn a new skill. Anything. Whatever you wanted. (Tutorials available online!)
  4. Attend online lectures. There are plenty available! (Some great ones are live on our JEE and NEET Youtube Test Prep Channels as well.)
  5. So, so, so important. Your health may take a hit because of being confined to a space. Find little ways of keeping your body fit and running.
  6. Watch your meals. Such a period can make people eat too much or too little. Avoid both.
  7. Sleep well. Sleep on time. Because there is no place to go to or to wake up for, sleeping pattern may be the first to take a hit.
  8. Connect with your family. Now you have all the time to share stories, experiences, challenges and make better friends with everyone at home.
  9. Clean your room. It is therapeutic.
  10. Revisit albums and pictures from the past.
  11. Share housework. With helping hands being absent from our lives, it is critical to help around the house in any manner we can.
  12. Learn to cook. It is a life skill. (Fire free cooking please, if you are a little one.)
  13. Experiment with classic indoor games. Invent some games of your own!
  14. Connect virtually with friends and kin, and check up on their health. This may be a great time to reconnect with many loved ones.
  15. Limit social media engagement. Given the illusion of loads of time at hand, you may end up spending (wasting) more time online than needed.
  16. Find new music. Figure out beats and melodies which resonate with you.
  17. Practice patience. Give yourself dedicated minutes to stay devoid of any external stimulus.
  18. Stay updated. Stay aware. Read up on COVID-19, through credible sources and keep yourself informed of all developments in the situation.
  19. Don’t panic. Do not spread rumours.
  20. Maintain a journal – physical or digital. Chronicle your time each day. Make this a happy experience you’d like to read about later.
  21. Reconnect with yourself.

Think we missed out on anything? Do let us know!

Meanwhile, stay home. Stay safe. Keep learning (for free!).