3 Hacks that will make you fall in love with Math

3 Hacks that will make you fall in love with MathMany of you may beg to differ with what’s been stated in the headline of this blog post. After all, Math is one subject that’s managed to terrorise thousands of students across the country. Just the mere sight of numbers can be discouraging for many and consequently, lead to increased stress, severe parental pressure, and a wrong notion among students that Math is just not their cup of tea.

The truth, however, is far from what we read or hear about the subject. With the right set of tricks, learning aids, and great teaching (of course), Math can be extremely easy and – believe it or not – a lot of fun to learn as well! Why then do students hate Math so much?

A part of the problem lies in the belief that Math is an abstract science and has little or no relevance in everyday life. More often that not, students fail to make the connection between Math and real life and hence, resign to treating it like a subject that one just needs to get over with! However, a stronger reason why students are unable to develop a liking for the subject is their lack of speed in calculations. The inability to add, subtract, divide, or multiply numbers faster often leads to bad grades, thereby convincing a student that Math in its entirety is tough and impossible to master.

At Extramarks, our Total LearningTM solutions have always helps students work around such learning challenges and develop a liking for learning – be it for Math or any other subject. In keeping with this principle, here’s presenting 3 simple hacks to help you calculate faster. Read on and you will certainly find yourself ‘googling’ for more such methods to help you solve Math problems like a pro!

A Simple Trick for Starters: Calculating the Square of Any 2-digit number

Take a look at the examples below:

98^2 = [9^2][8^2]+20*9*8 = 8164+1440 = 9604

78^2 = [7^2][8^2]+20*7*8 = 4964+1120 = 6084

Did you ever think it could be that easy? Well, turns out it is! The Internet is a storehouse of many such easy tips and tricks to calculate faster. A quick read on some of the tricks could solve all your longstanding calculation problems in less than a few hours.

Note: [] is not a symbol for any mathematical operation and  is intended to illustrate separation of the individual calculations.

The Key to Solving Math like never before: The Vedic Approach to Math

Yes. The Vedas not only teach you life lessons, but also help you fight your fears of Math. Replete with several ancient tips, tricks, and methods; Vedic Math helps one peform calculations (mentally!) at speeds you cannot imagine. For instance, if you want to multiply any two digital number by 11, it might take you close to 5-6 seconds to find an answer. With Vedic Math, you can do the same in under two seconds! Here’s how…

To multiply 51*11, let’s take 51 and put a space between 5 and 1


Now, let’s add 5+1 and fill in the gap with this added number.

  1. 56

Voila! Math just got a lot more easier and interesting, didn’t it? So, maybe it’s time you got yourself a book on Vedic Math and started mastering the ‘miraculous’ techniques of calculation right away.

A picture can be worth a 1,000 numbers: Visualise your Math problems

Visual representations often make it easier for one to solve Math problems. A simple example would be to visualise your numbers in gigantic sizes – playing out in front of you. This makes it easier for you to ‘see’ the numbers and calculate faster. However, visualising numbers and other mathematical concepts might seem like a complicated task to perform for many. That’s why; watch math videos  that visually represent concepts and problems can serve as a good start for you to master the habit of solving problems visually.

At Extramarks, we’ve always believed that ‘approach’ is what makes all the difference between liking and hating a subject. The more engaging your approach, the easier it is to learn and have fun while at it. As you read, Math could be a lot more fun if you just found the approach that is suited to your learning abilities. Be it Vedic Math, visualisation, abacus, or any other method; use any approach that you are comfortable with and in no time, you will find yourself falling in love with the subject.