4 Effective Tips to Crack JEE with Extramarks


Every year, lakhs of aspirants appear for Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) to pursue their engineering dreams, and get through prestigious colleges like IITs, NITs, IIITs and several CFTIs. JEE is indeed one of the toughest entrance examinations across the country, and thus requires a lot of hard, but smart work. With JEE 2021 around the corner, JEE preparation needs to pick pace. Extramarks has, hence, created special courses to help students with their IIT study and to help them crack JEE.

Employing the right preparation strategies, keeping in mind the paper pattern and demands can make a huge difference to the final result. Time is an important resource at hand for all aspirants, and managing it productively and well is important to have a shot at acing the exam. From your study schedule and mock tests, to reference books, all can go a long way in helping you achieve your IIT dream.

Know Your Exam Well

Wondering how to start your study for JEE 2021? Step one for your JEE exam preparation is to get familiar with the paper pattern –

  1. Exam Pattern for JEE Mains
    Your IIT-JEE 2021 study plan needs to include a thorough comprehension of the exam pattern for JEE.
  2. Weightage of Topics for JEE Mains
    The JEE Main 2021 strategy needs to also factor in the weightage of different subjects and topics. The experts at Extramarks spend considerable time in helping students understand both – exam pattern and weightage in great detail – so aspirants are exam confident and know what to expect.

Tips and Tricks to crack JEE

JEE Mains is approaching, and you intend to perform well, but do you have all the tools, tips and tricks up your sleeve which can help you achieve a good score?  There are some very fundamental techniques that all aspirants must keep in mind to understand how to qualify IIT-JEE. Here, let us take you through some!


  1. Start with NCERT

NCERT textbooks are the concrete base for the JEE paper, especially for your JEE Main 2021 strategy. Try to strengthen your theoretical knowledge and concepts before jumping straight to other books because approximately 70% of the JEE questions are directly from the NCERT books. These books are proven to be the best books for your preparation, so, revise each line thoroughly.
And should you be looking for solutions to NCERT textbook questions, we’ve got them all! And that too, for free.

2. Practice Mock Tests

Do you know the most effective way to test your knowledge? Practise as many mock tests or previous years’ papers as you possibly can, to gain a strong hold over crucial concepts. This study exercise will not only develop higher confidence but will help you gain problem-solving skills and improve on your weak areas, thus making your JEE mains strategy for 2021 more effective. In addition, it will familiarize you with the paper pattern and help build time management skills.

3. Manage your Time Efficiently

No matter how much you practice or how many papers you solve, if you do not utilize your time efficiently, you will never be able to finish the exam in time. With JEE Prep App by Extramarks, you can practice mock tests and attempt the National Weekly Test Series, which simulates a real-exam like environment and thus helps you understand how you are allotting your precious limited minutes during a test. Not just this, an in-depth report generated after the test helps you understand and self-assess your performance on several parameters, including time allocation.

  1. Clear Your Doubts
    An important part of the IIT-JEE 2021 study plan is a thorough hold over concepts, without leaving any scope for doubts. Clear your queries as they crop us. With Extramarks, this is easy!
  2. Make Notes for Quick Revision
    An important part of your JEE Mains strategy for 2021 is the ability to take notes which can come in handy for quick revision. With Extramarks Test Prep, you also get JEE notes created by experts for download and revision.

Last Minute Success Mantra

Do you know what all you need right before the exam? Here are some JEE preparation tips!

  1. Revision is the Key

Students tend to burn the midnight oil during their JEE preparation, and we’re sure that’s going to happen with JEE 2021 prep as well. We suggest you use your revision time judiciously. Use the notes provided by Extramarks experts, covering all crucial concepts. Amplify your revision by solving previous years’ papers. Once you finish revising chunks of syllabus, create a custom test for yourself on JEE Prep App by Extramarks and see how well you can retain and apply knowledge.

  1. Don’t Lose Focus
    As JEE Main 2021 approaches, it is easy to get distracted or get pressurised. Either way, it is a strict no to lose your focus! Stay calm, stay composed and make sure your goal is always in sight – and that is to get through the top engineering colleges in the country.
  2. Take Last Few Days Off
    This is crucial to put your brain out of the pressure box it begins to inhabit once the JEE prep journey starts. This JEE tip is especially important for those students who are prone to exam anxiety. Take some time off, rejuvenate yourself and believe in your prep.

Additional Tips – Take care of your health

JEE prep does not mean compromising on your routine, your sleep and your meals. Remember, a healthy body is crucial to lead you towards success – your body and health need your attention. Nourish yourself, eat well, eat healthy and eat on time. Assign regular sleep hours to yourself and make sure that you build the habit of staying awake during the exam hours even during your prep journey.

In an attempt to help students crack the exam, JEE Prep App by Extramarks ensures that the pedagogy suits the learning style of every student. The app offers previous years’ papers, full-length mock tests and chapter-wise tests that will help you analyze your weak and strong areas. Extramarks allows aspirants to appear for National Level Weekly Tests wherein students can understand where they stand nationwide in term of their exam preparation, through instant generation of comparative reports and peer ranking. At Extramarks, we wish to offer students a complete but stress-free preparation zone from which they can profit, particularly during these pivotal days just before the examination.