5 Last-Minute Tips to Ace JEE Advanced!

5 Last-Minute Tips to Ace JEE Advanced!

JEE Advanced is almost here and even after numerous sleepless nights of preparation, you must be getting the last-minute exam jitters.

It is only natural to feel anxious when an exam as prestigious and competitive as JEE Advanced is just around the corner. Concentrate, focus and give your best shot for JEE Advanced 2021. A dream for many, cracking the JEE Advanced isn’t as difficult as it sounds like. You have made it this far, congratulate yourself and focus towards your goal to get into the much-coveted IITs in the country.

In addition to preparing right for the exam, you should be able to prepare your mind for combatting the stress and anxiety too. Here are 5 last-minute tips to ace JEE Advanced:

1. Take Breaks and Revise Your Concepts  

Never start a new topic just a day before the exam, instead go for revision of the chapters that you have already studied so your conceptual understanding is strengthened. If you have downloaded notes or handwritten notes, then go through the important points. Don’t explore beyond the basics and go for lighter topics so you don’t get confused.

Take a look through the formulae and don’t be afraid of taking a break. Calm your mind but don’t indulge in an activity that might cause a deviation of attention. Instead, go for something meditative like listening to light music, watching some interactive solution videos, etc. Try taking a nap if you have been too busy studying in the past few days.

2. Consume Healthy Food

Eat well throughout your JEE Advanced preparation but a day before the exam, be more cautious of what you put into your body. Eat protein-rich food or food with high omega 3 fatty acids to boost awareness on the day of the exam.

Avoid consuming junk/fast food in addition to not eating a lot the night before the exam. If you end up eating a lot the night before, you might not feel fully well on the day of the exam. Eat fruits, veggies, nuts, pulses that are home-cooked and mixed in a salad.

3. Go to Bed Early

Preparation can be difficult but taking a nap during the day helps a lot and you should also go to bed early the night before the exam so you get proper sleep and wake up early the next day. Don’t panic if you can’t fall asleep the night before the exam; it might be because of your habitual late-night studying. Instead, listen to relaxing and light music for a while and do some exercise. Don’t resort to watching television if you can’t fall asleep but revise a concept that you have already learned.

4. Get All Info on Exam Location

Find out the exact location of your JEE Main exam centre so you won’t have trouble searching for it on the day of the exam and be late.

Visit your exam centre a couple of days before the exam date so you don’t waste time getting there or searching for it on D-day.

5. Get All Your Documents and Equipment in Place

Once you are sure about the exam centre, your next step should be to check all the documents and tools/equipment you need to carry with you to the exam centre.

Don’t forget to carry these for the exam:

✔ Sanitizer
✔ Transparent bottle of water
✔ JEE Advanced admit card/ hall ticket
✔ Identification card (ID proof)

Since the exam would be online, you won’t need the pen/pencils. Remember to not carry any device or thing that is prohibited in the exam centre like

✖ Mobile
✖ Calculator
✖ Smartwatch, etc.

Finally, just trust your preparation and focus on writing the right answers. Don’t let doubts creep inside your mind and especially at the last minute, be cautious of not being too lazy or lenient. It is a common practice to study till the last minute but don’t take up any new concepts. All the best and ace the exam!