5 step solution to empower your kids for exams

1Start January, and the new year festivities are followed by the worry called exams. This phase, in your child’s life, is a test of nerves apart from academic competence. Also, for parents, this phase tests the parenting, the values, the strength, and stress handling that you have given to your ward. It is therefore important for the parents to empathize with kids and provide them the required support to succeed and lay foundation for a bright future.

The competition and the performance expectations have grown manifold since a few decades back when you faced the same situation. Facilitating your children in excelling academically and taking the right track is therefore a challenge for parents as much as it is for kids.

Here are a few key points that parent should keep a note of in order to help kids excel academically.

1. Embracing technology in a positive manner to enable learning

The foremost conflict faced by parents as well as children is the disagreement over technology and smart hardware.What was right in your age may not be right in your child’s age. This is the most important point the parents need to come to terms with.

You may consider mobile phone to be your child’s biggest enemy but you cannot let your child not have a mobile and go out with friends. “What cannot be cured is to be endured” is still not the gist of this argument. For a smart parent, the only means to cure the menace is embracing the technology itself.

Empowering children with smart m-learning platform has umpteen boons for parents apart from the benefits it has to offer to kids. With features like scheduling and monitoring a child’s performance, a parent can keep a check on child’s performance.

2. Positive reinforcement techniques

Positive reinforcement for kids is simply the technique of rewarding your child upon accomplishing any desired goal. Thus, gifting your kids on securing good marks is an excellent idea to keep the children self-motivated. Similarly, to ensure your child follows a timetable and studies diligently, its not a bad idea to reward them with small gifts for their academic achievements.

3. Empathizing with their age and emotions

While embracing change technologically has been explained, the emotional aspect of it is of equal importance is not less. Parents need to give some amount of calculated freedom to their adolescent wards to ensure minimal stress in their lives.

For parents, it is very necessary to keep a check on children. However, intruding in their personal choices, mode of learning and studying has to be done smartly. The current generation, unlike yours, is forced to and therefore adept in multitasking which affects their studying pattern as well.

4. Restricted access to internet and Television

Parents need to ensure to counteract against the evils of technology. Internet and Television, apart from infotainment and online learning, also make up for a big deterrent to education. It is therefore an important tip to use the above mentioned step 1 and 2 in the best possible mix to restrict child from getting deviated over the internet.

5. Realistic expectations and support

Last, but not the least, it is very important for the parents to realize that not every child has the same potential and predisposition. To identify a child’s strength, academic or non-academic, is very important for the parent and children to decide upon the future course of action.