5 Tips to Develop a Love for Math

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 Are you scared of the M word? Let’s say it out loud! Math! Math! Math!

Don’t blame yourself if you find yourself in the “not too enthusiastic about math” category. There are many who generally don’t take kindly to the subject. It doesn’t matter if you are a math person or not, learning the subject is integral and we have some tips that will help you build a love for math and score better.

  1. Focus on a growth mindset

Before you completely give up on math, help yourself by understanding that it is your attitude that will bring about a change in your studying habits. Some students develop a fixed mindset that they are hopelessly bad at math. However, if they keep trying, they will be able to solve problems that they weren’t able to tackle till a few weeks ago. Defeatist attitude will take you down while a positive attitude will help you flourish, accompanied by regularly practicing. Moreover, don’t forget to celebrate little victories you have over those complex math sums.

  1. Play fun math games

Who doesn’t love board games or puzzles? Games add a fun element into learning. So, if you are struggling with math or if you are feeling bored in classes, try playing games based on math. You will find loads of such puzzles and practice activities on Extramarks – The Learning App. These interactive games and activities will make math fun and exciting. What makes such math games even more useful is that they control and alleviate your math anxiety and fear, and initiate a new way of thinking.

  1. Involve props in studying

Bring currency notes, coins, and stamps to class and learn addition, and other functions through props. Choose a set of problems that you and your group of friends can solve using the currency notes and stamps and add time limits to the problems so your group knows that there is a deadline. Moreover, you can also try dice rolling in the subject as it will help you practice basic functions and fractions while making the subject enjoyable.

  1. Use technology

Technology is driving education and teachers are now liberally using apps, whiteboards, tablets, etc. in classrooms. There are plenty of resources on Extramarks, web and app,  that let students practice math through unique problems, practice material, and interactive activities.  Additionally, it has been seen in research that visual representation of concepts helps you retain information for longer and understand it better compared to rote, paper and pen learning. So, study through a visual medium of learning via technological means and develop love for math.

  1. Get creative, learn from real-life situations

The beauty of math is that you can learn the subject by focusing on real-life situations. Exchange real-life information and instances of math in the classroom with your teacher or classmates and involve monetary information in it. This will help you understand the subject while enacting real life situations. You can also learn by role-playing in the classroom or with your friends.

The biggest step in developing an interest in and learning math is believing that the subject is not scary; but rather simple. Convince yourself that Math is indeed fun and half your journey is covered.