5 Tips to Excel in Boards Exams

5 Tips to Excel in Boards Exam

With boards around the corner, your preparations would be in full swing by now. But, are you wondering how to deal with the question paper when the time comes? Here are some useful and effective tips to keep in mind.

  1. Make use of the Reading Time

Do not underestimate the power of these 15 minutes. Utilise this allotted reading time to go through the question paper, at least twice. Start by thinking about their answers and formulate a rough structure in mind. Carefully read and select from the choice of optional questions. And, mark where you can incorporate diagrams or illustrations to add value to your answers. This process will not only clarify your doubts but also boost your confidence.

  1. Carry a watch

The watch on your wrist is a great trick up your sleeves. Set a time limit for each section before you start scribbling away on your answer sheets. Allocate the time in such a manner that it leaves you with a good 10 to 15 minutes for revision as well. This will also give you leeway, if, for some reason, you fail to adhere to your set timelines.

  1. Start answering from the end

Start your paper from the last section carrying the highest weightage. This practice ensures that even if you are falling short on time, you won’t miss any 6/8 markers. Worst case scenario, you’ll only miss the 1-markers. But, since you had already gone through the question paper in the reading time, you will only need a few minutes to jot down all the answers quickly.

  1. Be an examiner’s friend

A single examiner checks hundreds of papers in a day, so, it is your responsibility to make your paper stand out and easy-to-read. Therefore;

  • Leave clear margins on the sides.
  • Avoid cutting and rewriting to keep the paper neat and tidy.
  • Leave two lines after each point and about four lines after every question.
  • Write P.T.O. (Please Turn Over) boldly if an answer spills over to the next page.
  • Clearly highlight the Section and Answer number.
  • Do not answer questions in a random order. Pick a Section and answer all its questions together. If, you don’t know the answer, leave some space, and get back to it later.
  1. Attempt all questions

Whether you know the answer or not, do not, we repeat, DO NOT leave any question unanswered. By this time, all the information is already in your head. Just dig a little deeper and fire away. Who knows, your fluke might just work.

And that’s it! Your exams will be over before you know it. Don’t get overwhelmed by the aura of boards or pressure of results. Just give it your honest and best shot.

Here’s wishing you all the very best from the entire Extramarks family!