7 TIPS TO MOTIVATE CHILDREN TO LEARNThe competitive era is full of distractions, and children are majorly glued to gadgets and social media. In this scenario, it becomes extremely important to understand how can we inculcate long-term interest in children for learning? How to recognize the first sign of decline in enthusiasm? Kids require constant motivation to realize their true potential. A lot of times, the absence of motivation makes it difficult to retain a child’s attention and thus, the child fails to perform their best during difficult and repetitive activities.

So, if you want to see your kid as one of the meritorious students, make learning much more interactive and real-time for them. Usage of audio-videos and 2D / 3D animations can be one of the few ways to build an interactive learning environment. Even though the traditional method of learning plays a crucial role in nurturing a child’s intellectual and social habits, you need to help your child open up to a new world of creativity and innovation.

Here are the top 7 tips that will motivate your child to become a stellar student:

  1. KEEP REVIEWING THE LEARNING METHODS: Children are highly motivated when it comes to learning a new subject that matches their skill set, thus we can bank on this opportunity to motivate their intellect and creativity. So you need to deliberately revamp the tasks to make them perform at the edge of their capabilities. You can always create a task sheet for each and every subject and analyze your child’s pace of learning. As they improve, you need to tune-up the level of difficulties.
  1. ASK QUESTIONS AND LET YOUR CHILD THINK: Learning a definition might help your children score high marks, but when you question your child, it makes the learning more conceptualized and inquisitive in nature. Let the child solve a puzzle, this exercise will be much more fascinating. You can always ask question after you are done explaining a chapter to your child, this will help you know the child’s level of understanding. Allow your children to explore more and not just be restricted to fait accompli.
  1. GET THEM TO COMPETE WITH THEIR PERSONAL BEST: Children often find it difficult to learn something that does not seem to be interesting and engaging. Learning exercises like memorizing names of places or multiplication tables, are not that invigorating in themselves. However, you can chalk out a plan that will help them master in a subject that they find tough to crack. Give your child some kind of project depending upon their previous performance and set a time limit to analyze their skills and interest. Help them fix a routine and measure their accuracy each day and analyze their improvement.
  1. RELATE ABSTRACT CONCEPT WITH REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS: Applying abstract definitions and concepts to real-life circumstances, enable children to be more analytical. When student adopts the method of studying every situation that involves real stakes and people, learning becomes much more effective. You can explain them scenarios of a subject by connecting the content with some real-life incidents.
  1. CREATE A LEARNING GROUP: Build a learning group, or help your children connect with other learning partners. This will help them share knowledge and have an in-depth understanding of a subject. You can also be a learning partner and help your child solve a confusion and enjoy each moment of their innovation. Encourage them to share ideas, drive their spirit to study hard in a healthy competitive manner.
  1. INSPIRE THEM TO BE CURIOUS: Your child will enjoy learning, only when you make them believe that they can be an expert in this subject. Assign them a part of a subject and ask them to research on it. You will surely notice the amount of enthusiasm that they display. Take advantage of their newly learned expertise and incorporate it into their daily learning exercise.
  1. REWARD THEM FOR THEIR HARD WORK: Children love to be rewarded, so capitalize on this and make sure you keep upping their motivation level with little tokens of appreciation. Not only at the end but also during their learning session. Always set goals that are achievable yet requires some amount of effort. This makes the kid yearn for doing better in the upcoming days.

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