8 Reasons Why Prepping for IIT JEE with Extramarks is the Wisest Decision You’ll Make!

We’re sure you’ve heard the latest. IIT-JEE Exam is all set to go completely online and for the aspirants too familiar with the pen and paper format, this must be a cause of some chagrin. The newly constituted NTA (National Testing Agency) will now be responsible for holding the JEE exam, which will happen twice each year – in January and April. The advantages of the online format are many, but this change also brings with itself anxiety for aspirants who are used to the pen and paper methodology. But, when Extramarks is there for you, there is little cause of worry!

We’re introducing a new incarnation of the Extramarks IIT-JEE Test Prep app, keeping in mind these latest developments. In its new manifestation, the app will function as a robust testing platform to thoroughly check your preparedness, along with giving you an insight into where you stand in terms of peer competition. The new features in the app are many and will make the road to your dream IIT smoother, and if we may add, more fun too!

Here are the top 8 reasons why this app must be on your smartphones right away!

1. National Level Weekly Test Series

In a unique step, Extramarks has introduced a pan-India test series which will give you a flavour of the actual exam each week. This test series will serve as a great way to comprehensively make you understand where you stand in terms of the overall preparation. You’ll be competing with your national peers at a pre-set time and will be given an instant performance report along with ranking through intelligence backed analysis.

2. Ample Mock Tests

Extramarks believes in practice, perform and perfect! A great selection of mock papers is hence made available for you to attempt at your pace and space. Again, a performance analysis will be made available to you so that you plan in an informed manner.

3. Previous Years’ Papers

Yes, the test is going completely online, but it is still important to gauge the level and kind of questions by attempting past papers. All those are present in the app.

4. Customizable Chapter Tests

You might be great at Math, but a little diffident in Chemistry. You might have mastery over some topics, but some others might need focused attention. After gaining insight into your strength and improvement areas through our intelligence-backed data analysis, you can customize tests yourself – be it a single chapter, or multi-chapter format.

5. Time Management Skills

Even students who prepare super well for exams falter when the actual exam environment hits them. To keep the nervousness at bay, our tests will also help you understand how well you are managing and allocating time between sections and questions.

6. Performance Analysis and Peer Ranking

The JEE is among the most competitive exams in the world! Hence, knowing where you stand in the competition is necessary. Your competition is against yourself, as well as your peers. For the former, we give you individual reports with analysis down to subject and chapter level. For the latter, we give you an instant peer ranking. This will help you to chart an informed strategy to study.

7. Top Advice from Top Faculty

The practice papers, including mock tests and weekly tests, are prepared by expert faculty whose students have consistently bagged top ranks in previous JEE papers. While attempting tests curated by them, rest assured, you are in the safest hands to catapult you to success in JEE.

8. Learn on the Go!

The expensive coaching requires you to be present with all focus at a pre-determined hour. However, if your retention and productivity are the max early in the morning, or late at night, you will find a great self-study support in Extramarks IIT-JEE Test Prep App. Wherever you are, all your capsule test material resides in your smartphone. Access it at any time, any place, and plan your studies without constraints.