40. Blog Header- Slay All Doubts_v0.03Blog-Header v0.03Extramarks is pushing through the path of innovation. Our decade long experience in the domain of education technology has given us a keen and clear insight into what should the future of education should look like. Keeping this in mind, we launched Extramarks – The Learning App to directly take care of the after-school learning needs of students. The app, having clocked 6 million downloads, is a validation of our vision and a testimony to the fact that a 21st century learner demands more.

We don’t just wish to feed information to students. We wish to create a hunger for learning, backed by the natural curiosity possessed by all students. We, hence, decided to create stimulating visual learning modules, and backed them with strong data analytics, to give students an informed path of learning to traverse through. Now, however, we have gone one step further.

Personalizing Learning

Extramarks has introduced personalized learning journeys, which are mapped to the personal academic goals or learning milestones of each student. These journeys are adaptive in nature, which means that they adapt and respond to the progress of learners and accordingly adjust the level of learning. Occasional tests make their appearance during this journey to assess how well a student has understood concepts, and basis the performance in these tests, next segments of the journey are determined.

Also, you are not alone in the journey. Your personal virtual learning companion journeys alongside.

Alex – Friend, Guide, Doubt-Slayer

Alex is a friendly studybot, the first ever AI-based learning assistant to have made an appearance in the world of education apps. Alex is a great help as an instant doubt-slayer. We spent some time talking about him on our last blog. You can explore more here.

Dream It. Achieve It.

Extramarks Achieve is another revolutionary facet added to the Learning App, and comes absolutely free with your subscription. As a part of Achieve, you are given access to a dedicated Academic Guru, who helps set learning milestones for you, tracks and monitors your progress, and also creates custom worksheets based on your performance. In addition, all those doubts that Alex cannot handle, this Academic Guru does. The Guru is available all 7 days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm. You can get in touch through calls, texts or emails, and this Guru will help ease the creases off your learning path.

All this, at Monthly Subscriptions

And finally, you can get all this (and more!) at much more pocket-friendly monthly subscriptions. Try the app at a lower price for a shorter duration of time, and renew if you like what you have studied. We also keep tossing in offers and discounts from time to time, so be on a look-out and get access quality learning modules at throwaway prices.

The streak of innovation doesn’t end here. We’ll be happy to hear your feedback on our features and also your thoughts on what else is needed to make learning fun and interesting for you J