Ace JEE and NEET with Extramarks Online Courses


JEE and NEET are among the toughest entrance exams in the country. They open the doorway to careers in medical and engineering field. No doubt then that students spend a large part of their later school years (and beyond) in coaching centers, trying to master concepts and learn tips and tricks to crack these entrances with confidence.

We, at Extramarks, having gained huge validation on ground through Extramarks Smart Coaching Centers, are now bringing the coaching advantage online, through Extramarks Live Classes.

Online courses help save time on commute so students can study from the comfort of their home. Extramarks is offering JEE and NEET aspirants varied intensive crash and long-term courses for preparation. These courses will assist the students through engagement with India’s top faculty, along with attempting ample practice papers, to gain exam confidence. Here are the Extramarks courses that students can take to prepare for JEE and NEET:

JEE Main Crash Course: Batches start on March 20 (Price: 10000 INR)

JEE Advanced Crash Course: Batches start on April 10 (Price: 23,500 INR)

JEE Main Crash Course + JEE Full Access: Batches start on March 20 (Price: 22,500 INR)

JEE Advanced Crash Course + JEE Full Access: Batches start on April 10 (Price: 31,500 INR)

NEET Crash Course: Batches start on March 23 (Price: 17,500 INR)

NEET Crash Course + NEET Full Access: Batches start on March 23 (Price: 23,500 INR)

Annual Course for JEE & NEET: Batches starting on April 2 (Price: 76,500 INR)

Features of the crash courses:

  • Live and recorded classes by India’s expert faculty: Watch live classes and take lectures in real-time. Watch recorded lectures to revise and ensure that you understand all concepts clearly.
  • Doubt resolution by star faculty: Be a part of the live doubt resolution session and clarify all your doubts.
  • Available in Hindi and English language: Bilingual live sessions make it easy for students to switch the classes to their preferred language and prepare thoroughly.
  • Part tests and full-length tests: Get insightful reports and analyze your gap areas to prepare well.

The annual tests features are as follows:

  • Live and recorded classes by India’s top faculty: Live and recorded classes to help you grasp concepts clearly at your own pace.
  • Part tests and full-length tests: Practice in a virtual environment that stimulates JEE and NEET.
  • Instant peer ranking and performance insights and reports: Get analytical and insightful reports on your performance to identify your gap areas.
  • Doubt resolution by expert faculty: Didn’t understand a concept? Ask the faculty through individual doubt resolution sessions.

In programs that offer full access, students will get complete access to the JEE and NEET test prep app for the duration of the crash course.

In coaching classes, students have to maintain the pace of studying and move at the rhythm of the faculty so there’s no time to clarify doubts. But with live and recorded sessions, students get plenty of time to study at their own pace.

By signing up for the crash and annual courses, students will be able to study at the comfort of their home.