Another step towards making learning fun

Another step towards making learning fun

Change is the only unchanged law of nature. With respect to technology, we couldn’t agree more. What is new today will be outdated tomorrow. There is this constant urge to upgrade and quickly move to version 2.0. For what? For an experience like-never-before.

On that note, let us introduce you to the refreshing and exciting Extramarks website that is sure to make learning more fun.

There were two main objectives for this upgradation. First, we wanted to talk in a language that our young audiences understood. So, to make the new website just as dynamic as our 21st-century learners, we added a fresh and vibrant palette of colours to it. We also wanted the website to be appealing to the eyes so that it could permit long hours of content consumption without any discomfort. In short, the website was redesigned to deliver a rich learning experience to students that would keep them coming back for more.

The second and equally important objective was to create a platform that showcased all the offerings from the house of Extramarks on a single window. The website was designed to give the new users a taste of what Extramarks is and the existing users could get an easy-to-access platform that would enhance their learning experience. The new user interface has been planned in a manner that makes it easier for users to browse and access required information. You can also check out all the latest programs and feature upgrades we have introduced on the revamped Extramarks website.

The new website is, therefore, a website for all – parents, teachers, and students. It is an attempt that wants to break away from the boring, and introduce a new learning journey, bursting with colours. It is an attempt to revolutionise the way the world sees learning. And more than anything else, it is an attempt to make learning what it really should be – fun, interactive, and truly engaging. Happy fun learning to you!