Approaching the new session

blog 19Try Something New and Effective for the New School Session

As the new school session starts up, students and parents now have an opportunity to change the way they approach learning. Whether Class II or Class XII, whether or not the school has a digital classroom or has embraced other modern teaching methods, working with an at-home program like Extramarks Smart Study Pack changes the way a child experiences learning – in school and at home.

The most important factor is personalization. While in schools, the students continue at the same pace, take the same rote-based tests, and get little time for interaction among peers and with the teacher, an online (or tab-based) program allows for both more effective and interesting learning and better assessment. Through a wealth of illustrated lessons, the at-home program can be used to have the student learn at his or her own pace. With a variety of assessment techniques and tests, assessing a student’s understanding becomes better; the goal is not just a letter grade but competence in the subject. The weaker areas can be worked upon with properly timed schedules.

Parent and mentor involvement is another reason why adding an at-home program will improve understanding, and improve scores in school. With assistance setting goals, evaluating performance, and answering questions, the student will more quickly gain an in-depth understanding of every subject.

Extramarks Smart study pack for example, provides curriculum-mapped lessons that are engaging and hierarchically graded with a structured approach and a wealth of illustrations and graphics for better understanding. It stimulates the thinking abilities of students. The student focuses on learning rather than checking the clock to see when the lesson’s over. With deeper learning available at all levels, students can go farther than the regular school lessons will take them. The ability to plan sessions and assessment means the student gets regular feedback on performance, and is reinforced for success – personally. There is a greater sense of true achievement.

All of these contribute to an improvement in test scores and participation in school. So how about augmenting school with some exciting at-home learning? It’s time to change!