Are You School Ready After Your Summer Break?

Are You School Ready 1Aaliya was filled with excitement when her summer vacations commenced. She only dreamt of going to new places with her parents, spending time playing with friends, watching her favourite cartoons, visiting her relatives, and catching up on the sleep which she missed during her school days. She thought summer break will be a gala time, where she will enjoy every bit of her vacations and studies can take a break for the month and a half. There will be approaching exams, but she can prepare for them in the last few remaining days. The month is quickly over, and with a handful of days left for school, Aaliya is now worried that she hasn’t even started working on her holiday projects. As soon as the school re-opens, she will have to tackle exams, and now she is sincerely searching for help to prepare for the tests.

Do you relate with Aaliya and her thought process?

The month of bliss is almost over, and there still seems to be a lot on your plate? Don’t sweat it out because you can still make the most of the remaining days of summer break, as it is never too late to get things done. Read below how you can make use of the last few days which are left for school, complete your holiday-homework on time and prepare for the nearing exams to maintain your grades.

Spin your magical wand, cast these five spells and see the magic unfold:

#1: Schedule your daily work by preparing a timetable for yourself.

Make time to squeeze in at least a few hours of studying everyday to keep the habit intact. Start your morning with your favourite subject. Use a pencil for marking things that are important and create notes in a separate notebook. Or you can find a wide array of online applications like the Extramarks K-12 app that helps you to go the extra mile. Their “Quick Study” option can be used as a revision tool which highlights the important concepts within the chapter.

Are You School Ready 2

#2: Find an hour to work on your school projects.

Take mini-breaks while finishing off with at least two subjects by morning. Eat healthy because a nutritious diet will keep your brain active and working. Find an hour or two in between to finish off with your holiday projects, as they are just mediums to keep in touch with what you learnt in school. You can find help on Extramarks app to complete those English worksheets or find a solution to those mathematics problems you are unable to solve after several tries which you got as homework.

#3: Gain proficiency in your problem areas.

Summer break is the best time to ace your game in a subject you find difficult. Pick up the topic that bothers you, read it once as you might not understand it the first time, give it a second try. Suppose if you still face problem in understanding the concepts of Physics go to Extramarks and make use of their “animation videos” and “concept craft” that enables you to understand even the most complex topic through interactive activities.

Are You School Ready 3

#4: Sharpen your knowledge by practicing.

As the exams are around the corner, it is best that you practice what you learn over the remaining few days. By only learning and reading the concepts your brain might tend to forget it if you do not put it into practice. Extramarks provide you with NCERT solutions and the major HOTS questions with solutions which will benefit you in your coming examinations. After completion, you can give tests which let you time your performance and check your scores. It gives you a brief understanding of how much knowledge you have about the chapter and how much efforts you need to put in.

#5: Make it Fun.

We get it-it’s summer break! You can approach learning in a fun way by watching an educative documentary, learning a new skill like photography, doing a fun science project outdoors or even learning through interactive learning resources. Hit a museum, a planetarium or take up a project to learn about your favourite writer in more detail. If a foreign trip is in your cards, make it a fun project to learn everything about that place. The options are endless-and not all of them required you sitting behind your desk and making notes.

Are You School Ready 4


When the schools reopen, it will become tough to concentrate on your weakest links because of the additional pressure of school homework. Also, the body gets tired after coming back. If you already prepare beforehand during your summer break, it will give you an added advantage over your subjects. By following a timetable, you won’t have to spend extra time studying. It will keep you organized and even give enough time to have fun. Afterall we all know what “all work and no play” did to the poor boy Jack.