Strategies and tips to crack NEET without classroom coaching

If you are a student, then the chances are that you’ll be sitting for the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) soon. NEET is an all-India level medical eligibility test that is a gateway to careers in medicine. But how can you prepare without resorting to taking coaching classes?  

In today’s age, where everything is on the internet and being taught online, it is no surprise that people want to learn how to prepare for NEET at home. But there are some tips and tricks you need to know before you start your journey of cracking NEET without classroom coaching. So, how to prepare for NEET at home without classroom coaching? 

1. Know the Syllabus

The first and foremost thing you need to know is the syllabus. Know what Important topics are going to be there in NEET 2022, how much time you will require to prepare for each topic, and then start preparing accordingly. If your preparation does not match with the NEET syllabus and weightage, then even if you study hard every day from now till the exam date, it won’t help!

In order to prepare well enough, break down all subjects into parts such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology separately and focus on each one of them individually a week before moving onto another one. This way, you’d be able to master concepts easily without getting confused between different chapters while studying simultaneously. Also, make sure that at any point during this process you don’t get stuck or fall behind and if you do, resolve your doubts to keep learning. 

2. Make a Proper Timetable

A proper timetable is needed to study for NEET without classroom coaching. The idea of a timetable is organizing your learning process according to the amount of time you have available every day and making sure that each subject gets its due part.

Start by fixing a suitable daily routine for yourself. For example, wake up early in the morning at around six o’clock, take care of your personal hygiene, and then study from seven till nine before leaving home for college or work. When you have free time between classes or lectures or even work, use it for revising your lessons that you read earlier in the morning. 

Maintain a notebook having all important formulas and concepts at one place. 

3. Concentrate on Weaker Areas

It is important to make a note of the topics that you find particularly difficult and tackle them first before moving onto the easier areas. This way, you’d be able to concentrate on the weaker points/gap areas that can easily be improved with little effort while studying simultaneously for other subjects at the same time. However, do not fall into an easy trap by spending too much time on one topic because this will hamper your preparation speed.

Focus more on each subject without wasting too many hours on one particular chapter. Also, it’s suggested that you take regular breaks between studies instead of trying to finish your syllabus in one go. Try taking help from books or teachers if required. Research on NEET Previous Year Question Papers to identify the importance of various topics across subjects as well as the difficulty level of questions across various topics.

Also, know if NCERT Books are enough to crack NEET examination here with us.

4. Take Mock Tests 

To crack NEET without coaching, it is necessary that you take as many mock tests as possible during the limited time before your actual exam. This way, you’d be able to test yourself and understand how well you are prepared for NEET. In fact, taking mock tests even a couple of days prior to an entrance exam like NEET may help increase your score significantly by improving your accuracy, speed and time management! 

So, take more tests on a regular basis because they will be useful in understanding the exam pattern and help you go through the real thing. Extramarks offers a lot of practise tests and comprehensive analysis of the same. This will help you analyse the weaker areas and improve them.

5. Be Disciplined and Sincere

Last but not least, to crack NEET without classroom coaching, you must  remain disciplined and sincere towards your studies. Do not break the rules or cheat yourself by attempting to skip or procrastinate. This will save you a lot of time in the long run while preparing well enough for NEET 2022. Also, make sure that there is no disturbance like TV or mobile phones when studying because these may cause distractions, which can hamper your concentration levels, ultimately leading to failure! Most importantly, remember to stay calm and be confident about your preparation.


So, if you follow these tips to crack NEET without coaching properly and sincerely, there is no doubt that you will easily achieve your goal of clearing the entrance exam. We suggest that you go for a short term preparatory course like Extramarks App courses where you can take a ton of mock tests without paying a superfluous charge. Keep preparing on your own and if you feel like you need to test yourself then try NEET Prep App by Extramarks.