At Extramarks, Learn and Play Go Hand in Hand


Have you ever wondered why toddlers love playing with digital devices? The tablets and smartphones that they see their parents using, are like magic boxes, full of interactive stuff to quench their growing curiosities. While many parents believe smartphones and technology are disadvantageous for children, in this age it is almost impossible to keep children away from technology, when every aspect of our lives is driven by it. Hence, it has become even more crucial for parents to ensure that kids access the right kind of digital content, which will stimulate learning instead of hampering it.

But the major challenge parents face with their hyperactive toddlers is to make them sit in one place. Kids so young have an extremely short attention span, which is why they get bored of their toys so quickly and always looking for newer things to play with. This poses a hindrance in their learning process as well. Recognising this challenge, and after extensive research, Extramarks developed the Kids Learning app. The app, equipped with audio-visual content, is highly engaging and fun, capturing the toddlers’ attention in a jiffy.

Audio-Visual Simulation-Based Learning

Kids love pictures, colours and visually simulating activities. Extramarks’ Kids Learning app makes learning fun, especially for pre-school toddlers. Based on the concept of ‘Tap-Learn-Play’, the games and puzzles present in this app are specifically designed to catch the attention of these growing children. Audio-visual tools are seamlessly integrated with each learning module to add to the fun-quotient as children start picking up cues effortlessly.

165+ In-Built Apps

What do you want your child to learn? Alphabets, rhymes, counting, tracing, colours, shapes, vegetables, fruits, body parts and more? Your wish is our command. This all-in-one app offers everything you could imagine teaching your child. Created in sync with kindergarten curriculum, this app serves as an ally for parents wanting to train their child’s brain without making it a tedious activity.

Music and Story-Aided Learning

We like to make learning musical. It is believed that kids who learn to understand music at a younger age tend to exhibit far more developed faculties and grasping skills later in life. It is because music uses different parts of the brain which are not used in other methods of learning. Extramarks’ Kids learning app features musical instruments and karaoke which can allow kids to practice their singing and playing skills. Not only this, the app also boasts of interactive stories in Hindi as well as English familiarizing the child with human and moral values.

Logic, language, art and creativity – we at Extramarks understand the importance of all-round development. And so, instead of focusing on just one aspect of learning, this app takes a holistic approach towards teaching kids, making them more eager to learn. From building linguistic competence, to developing tracing skills; from understanding musical notes to distinguishing body parts – here’s a helping hand from our end towards your child’s growth.

Download the Kids Learning app by Extramarks for FREE and let your kids discover how fun learning can be.